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custom treatment facial by Elizabeth

Premiere, custom treatment facial by Elizabeth

Sun damage, pollution, surface oils and make up can clog pores resulting to leave skin looking dull, rough and tired. A relaxing massage, steam and double cleaning is followed by gentle exfoliation. Microcurrent boosts cell activity, blood and lymph/flow and collagen production. Electroporation is a technology that allows for deeper penetration of products to the skin. Multi wave LED light produces repair and energized skin.


Meets client expectation, absolute!

Your skin appears luminous, bright, and lifted.


Fractional Radiofrequency Micro needling (Needle Free)

Radiofrequency energy is a non-surgical skin tightening, balancing, and repairing technology in the early stages of age-related changes it delivers thermal energy to the deep layers of the skin. Heat stimulates tissue contractions and collagen synthesis. Which effectively promotes elasticity, blood circulation and enhances dry skin that activates the cell tissues.


Meets client expectation, absolute!
Excellent performance, visible improvements
Pregnancy, pacemaker, chemotherapy,
less than 2 weeks face injections


“We invite you
to enjoy the very best
of natural ingredients
and effective results”

“We invite you to enjoy the very best of natural ingredients and effective results”

“Natural Hormonal
Balance Therapy
Free of Charge Consultation.”


Micro-Current Facial

Micro-Current Facial Therapy

The treatment rejuvenates skin tissue, improves facial contour, defines cheekbones and softens nasolabial folds. Microcurrent emits low electrical current, that works with the body’s own electrical stimuli. Which re-educates muscle as it increases collagen and elastin production. Treatment includes cleansing, toning, massage, extraction, and exfoliation therefore following by a special selected mask.


Pregnancy, Pacemaker, Chemotherapy
less than 2 weeks face injections.


Services for women,
men & teenagers.
Save the date for the
complimentary consultation.


European Classic Facial

Includes skin analysis, relaxing massages, steam, extractions, and exfoliations, to remove impurities. A revitalizing mask completes the treatment for truly clear, glowing skin.

An add on to Classic Facial :
  • LED light treatment to boost collagen, elastin production and cells repair.
  • Professional customized mask application.
  • Extra Face massage.
  • Mesotherapy Treatment is a needle free microcurrent injection of vitamins to perfect depth into the skin.
  • Micro-needling.


Meets client expectation, absolute!
Amazing results for all skin types; sensitive and dry. It leaves the skin smooth, calm and hydrated.


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